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trip tips
f o r . t h e . v i s i t o r

1 Be informed As Chek jawa is in a intertidal-zone, your visit will depend very much on the tides. Look at the tide tables and choose days with water level below 0.8m. "A Guide To Seashore Life" is a good companion for people who are interested to know more about that "strangely looking thing" they discovered in Chek jawa.

2 Only the Essentials Carry only things that you need and put them (wallet, handphone, etc) inside a water-proofed container. Bring booties (diving boots) or sandals. If you have to wear shoes into the water, choose your least favourite pair. Wear light clothing such as t-shirt and shorts. Leave your high heels and Versace at home.

3 MRT, Bus, Walk, Ferry, Cycle & Van If you are taking public transport, board SBS 2. This bus service is available outside Tanah Merah MRT Station. Alight at the bus terminal and walk to the jetty. Each ferry will only leave with 12 passengers. Trips each way costs $2. You can either walk, cycle or take a van to Chek jawa once you reached Pulau Ubin. Island maps are available at the Visitor Centre and Police Post. Not far away from the jetty, there will be happy bicycle vendors and van-drivers waiting for you. Vans each way costs $2.

4 Relieve Your Stomach & Bladder There is food at Changi Village and Pulau Ubin Village. There are no "civilised" toilets at Chek jawa, though the natural ones are aplenty. Release your load at Changi Village or the Visitor Centre before setting off to Chek jawa, unless you like using banana leaves.

5 Use Your Eyes and Enthusiasm You will find only what you seek. Some animals are especially shy and you need to be patient. One of the reason why the animal is still alive is because of its success in hiding from predators. Share your interesting finds with others, for they will return the favour.

6 Be Responsible Look where you step and avoid trampling on the animals and plants. Put back the life where you found it, there is a reason why it was under a rock or inside a puddle of water. Please do not collect live animals. They will die under your care (or the lack of it) and will stink up your whole room. Give yourself and others a chance to enjoy looking at these beauties in future visits.